Bosa Sardegna Italia

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The houses in the old town of Bosa 'Sa Costa'

Houses in the old town 'Sa Costa' date since the XII century when the marquises of Malaspina, from Tuscany, built their castle on top of the Serravalle hill and the population of the town followed them and built their houses alongside the hill.

The houses are generally built on three or four floors with one or two rooms per floor. The geometrical profile of the buildings is follows the hill slope and staircases to the upper floors are often narrow and steep. The floor was made of juniper beams, the so called "tauladu", and sometimes rooms are escavated into the rock.

The upper floor room usually served as the kitchen and it included a oven to make bread and the hobs. The ceiling of the kitchen was made of mats of reeds to allow for the smoke to go out. The whole was topped by handmade terracotta roman roof tiles.

The intermediate floors hosted the bedrooms while on the ground floor there was a repository for agricoltural tools and sometimes a stable for donkeys or an olive-oil mill.

Houses in 'Sa Costa' look quite simple and at the same time they inspire the feeling of a beautiful mix of colours emanating a strong energy. This is the same energy that animated life in those days, when people where usually employed in farming on the rich fields of the Temo valley, in sheep-farming between the sloppy fields by the sea and up towards the village of Montresta, and in fishing. Fishermen used to moor their boats along the banks of the quiet river Temo and gain the sea through this natural canal.

Today that same river is used by modern fishermen and leisure seamen for the same purpose.


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